• 2009 Black Friesian Mare, 16.1 hands
  • Sired by Rampart WF and Out of Ogelyn WF, by Ogedon
  • Trained inDressage, Jumpers & Driving

The Pedigree

Rampart WF Mowgali Hannes 296
Byren Fabe 348
Antje Ut De Meiden
Ogelyn WF Ogedon Lute
Lynour Laes

The Progeny

This horse has not yet been bred.

Additional Info

Adoncia is our baby girl, plain and simple. She is everything a Rampart and Ogelyn foal should be. She has Rampart's tall and commanding presence, along with the smooth strides and sweet disposition of Ogelyn. She has a true knack for catching the judges eyes, she just puts out this confident stance and lifts her head ears pricking forward with interest. Adoncia rarely gets naughty, in fact she's quite the opposite, often times she's the one who keeps the troublemakers in line. Still she is the resident princess and knows she is the bomb filly in the stable yard.

The Show Horse

The Accolades

This horse has either not yet been shown or we are currently working on updating our results table.