• 2004 Bay Domestic Arabian Mare, 14.3 hands
  • Sired by Kodac Bey and Out of Polish Heiress, by *Ecaho
  • Trained inWorking Cow Horse & Cutting

The Pedigree

Kodac Bey Taf Bestberry Bey Huckleberry Bey
W Jubilee
Lady Scarlett Butterscotch Bey
Lady Tahara
Polish Heiress *Ecaho Pepton
SS Heiress Amurath Baikal
Lainy Shahzana

The Progeny

D Paaradise2008 Bay Domestic Arabian Mare
D Patience2009 Chestnut Domestic Arabian Mare
Perpetua2010 Chestnut Domestic Arabian Mare
D Promisze2011 Chestnut Domestic Arabian Mare

Additional Info

A shy mare Gia is nervous around strangers and prefers to work by herself. She adores attention, craves it actually from the people she trusts the most. She has a good straight leg with a big heart that is shown everytime she goes into the show rings. Gia's not safe for just anyone to ride as she gets spooky out in unfamiliar places and an unskilled rider may do more harm then good when trying to calm her down. In the barn area she is laid back and well mannered, a total angel. She is a bit like her Legion of Masters dam Polish Heiress in some ways but more like Kodac Bey in others. Now that Gia's gotten her Legion of Supreme Honor title we think that she has proven herself enough to where she can come back home full time and take 2009 off as 'maturity leave'. We think she'll love being home every day instead of having to be shipped worldwide.

The Show Horse

The Accolades

This horse has either not yet been shown or we are currently working on updating our results table.