• 2009 Grey Domestic Arabian Stallion, 15.1
  • Sired by Vivaldi and Out of Farr Elektrikk, by Enedfala's Elixir
  • Trained inHunter Pleasure

The Pedigree

Vivaldi Eye of The Storm Original
Dream Versace Versace
Farr Elektrikk Enedfala's Elixir Enedfala's Eretildo
Farr Nakhat KWB Sumuqan
Mojave Queen

The Progeny

This horse has not yet been bred.

Additional Info

Marr was born to some of the best old lines you can find, at least on his dam's side. Of the six mares Vivaldi covered in 2008, every single one was confirmed to be in foal a couple of weeks later. Marr was born solid black, dark as night, the total clique. As he grew over the months he turned a stunning grey color but keeping the dark muzzle as the only token of his black baby coat. He was relatively easy to handle when Elektrikk was around for the first six months of his young life, after that it became clear the quiet, well-mannered colt was only acting that way when mommy was around. From then on he portrayed the hot, confident nature his sire had displayed as a yearling and two year old. He could move amazingly well and had enough knee action to help him do Hunter. Combine his striking motion with gorgeous grey coloring and a 'I'm the one you should be watching' type of personality Valdemar definitely can flaunt his heritage. He could put on a show in the blink of a eye, doing so was Marr's favorite pastime. Between Vance and Marr, there were few quiet moments in the paddock with both colts clearly determined to have power over the other, leaving Sinn to pale in contrast to his hot, fiery half-brothers. Out of all his half-siblings Marr drew my attention the most for his low, easy movement over ground along with the confidence of Vivaldi.

The Show Horse

The Accolades

This horse has either not yet been shown or we are currently working on updating our results table.