The Pedigree

Adonis WF Mowgali Hannes 296
Fawlyn Jelmer
Ogelyn WF Ogedon Lute
Lynour Laes

The Progeny

Jabari GE2011 Black Friesian Gelding

Additional Info

Adaras is the epitome of the perfect cross of WF bred lines. His sire Adonis WF is a grand son of Mowgali and Fawlyn, while his dam Ogelyn is a daughter of Ogedon and Lynour. Powerfully built with good, solid hooves and a impressive head this boy is everything we hoped for in a Ogelyn son. Bred on the same lines as his half-sister Adoncia, Adaras has just as much potential as Cia does and we fully believe he will live up to it. He is a bit of a class act though and showing off comes naturally to him. He is not always will he be on cue in the showing ring, yet as time has passed he has gotten a lot better once he figured out that the judges were watching him. Still Adaras is stubborn at times but he is very in tune to his rider and responds best to a soft hand. As he matures, a firmer hand will have to be used with Adaras since he is so big and strong willed.

The Show Horse

The Accolades

This horse has either not yet been shown or we are currently working on updating our results table.