BT Pherzaamcus

The Pedigree

Aamir Dreamaar Dreamazon BF Rageymazon
Gai Dream
Tsea Note AM Sea Captain
Al-Marah Tsee
BT Borwaycus Atticus+/+/+/ *Monogramm
Borjczky+// Europejczyk

The Progeny

BT Przemko2006 Grey Domestic Arabian Stallion
D Jack Daniels2009 Palomino Morab Stallion
D Final Frontier2010 Black Domestic Arabian Gelding

Additional Info

Purchased from Noel of Blackthorn Hills Farm
At the present time, we offer no additional information about this horse.

The Show Horse

The Accolades

This horse has either not yet been shown or we are currently working on updating our results table.